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Felix Kralos | Republic Data Logging

Post by Draxil42 on Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:25 am

Make no mistake, soon you will see how powerful I am destined to become.  I will one day conquer those who haunt my past."

-Status sheet-

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray

Weight: 165/170 (Equipment)


Race: Human

Mental Health: Stable and Put Together

Physical Health: In His Physical Prime

-Force Related Abilities-

Felix considers himself to be well trained in the art of form VI or Djem So, the saber variant of Shien.

Core Abilities within the force - (Trained) The standards of the force such as force pull, force push, force jump, and force sense come quite naturally, although he has not mastered these abilities.

-Data Logs-

Data Entry 001: Well, I've been here on Sayter-II for approximately 4 days.  The locals already seem to know who I am, how unfortunate.  I can sense the tides of the force beginning to shift... I'm not quite sure how to feel about it yet.  Galvani Reylas wants nothing more than to see me fail much like Haley Kilies, my prior mentor and significant other.  He seems to think that I am powerless, that he can continue to manipulate me.  I'll be using Sayter-II as a means to clear my head of my confliction.  I plan to put myself back into the pilot seat of my life, if you will.  I do realize she is never coming back, but it angers me every time Reylas taunts me with her name.  I can barely speak it myself anymore without inching closer to the breaking point.  I can feel it coming soon enough.  I feel that I've been chosen to be better... Not like the insatiable fool that Reylas has become.  One day, I will conquer him, I will stop at nothing to destroy Galvani Reylas for the torment he put me through.  I will not let my personal lament rest until he is conquered, no matter what it takes I must change my path and find a way to become far more powerful than he will ever be. I will be bent into a tool no longer! I will take a stand.. This is Felix Kralos, signing off.

Data Entry 002: I haven't much time... Autumn Kyral, the highest ranking Jedi on Sayter-II has been captured, Master Parker is of course no where to be found, and on top of it all... I have no means of defending myself other than the skills I have been teaching myself due to my master telling me to go figure things out for myself... How ironic, I come back from doing exactly what he said and Consular Kyral has been kidnapped.  I'm sure I'll be in hot water for this... Oh well, I'll figure it out.  I did, however, manage to finish my curved hilt for the saber I will construct soon enough.  I'll be providing an image in case these logs are used to identify my remains... Personally, I am quite fond of my handiwork.. In any case, I should be going.  Until next time, Felix Kralos signing off.

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone

Autumn Kyral - Felix trusts Consular Kyral with his life, for she was the one who gave him the opportunity to become something much more.  He is now a Jedi Padawan, all thanks to the Consular and his own choices. When he heard she had perished in combat, Felix was quite dismayed and confused at how such a powerful Jedi could be easily destroyed by an Inquisitor.

Jason Parker - His new master is well... not ideal persay, but Felix trusts him and hopes that eventually his master will think more of him,  he believes that one day he'll eventually treat Felix like a true Jedi.

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