Vieeka's Sith Application

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Vieeka's Sith Application

Post by Vieeka on Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:49 pm

Username: Jesus

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:40590702

Steam Profile:

Time on server: Just some hours.

Is this a character application, or transfer: Application

What items are you requesting? A lightsaber, a radio.

Roleplay experiences? I've roleplayed in the Star Wars universe for around six years now. I've typically roleplayed as a Sith, but still have extensive experiences as a Jedi. Listed are my most important experiences.

8 months as a Sith in the SWTOR era. Ranked up from a Sith Acolyte to a Dark Council member over the course of 5 months. This was on a NS Gmod server.
8 months as a Jedi in the SWTOR era. Ranked up from a Jedi Padawan to a Jedi Knight. Stopped as a Knight and decided to become the Temple's librarian. (Both of these instances occured on the same server, simply had two characters)
2 months as a Sith in the SWTOR era. Started of as a Darth and was PKed early on before making a new Apprentice. NS Gmod Server then shut down soon after.
2 months as a Sith in the SWTOR era. Started off as a Lord and it was simply text based roleplay between my friends and I. The story concluded, and we stopped.
2 months as a Clone in the Clone Wars era. Started off as a Private, was able to have a serpate character as a Clone Commando for a little while.

Why should you have all this? I think that due to my extensive roleplay experiences I can be a perfect fit for a new Sith on the server.

What are your perks/skills?
Overall exceptional at being offensive during combat.
Being a strong tactican/battle-oriented person.
Constantly wishing to be stronger than others.
Well Trained In Shii-Cho and Juyo.

What are your faults/flaws?
Not caring enough about being defensive during combat.
Being unsociable.
Not worrying much about things that don't effect themself.
Constantly wishing to be stronger than others.

What force abilities do you have?
Force Push.
Force Pull.
Force Shock.
Force Choke.

Character traits: Nonsociable, Assertive, Manipulative.

(Optional)Character Description: ll 6'2 ll Male ll Tone Is Usually Assured ll Above Average Build ll Entire Body Is Concealed By Armor Resembling That Of An Imperial Trooper ll Large, Layered Left Shoulder Plate ll Has A Bulky Left Gauntlet ll His Right Arm Has Light Armor Compared To The Rest Of His Body ll Has A Lightsaber Hilt On His Belt, When Ignited It Is Maroon ll Armor Would Hold Indication Of Some Combat Experience ll Has One Lightsaber On The Left Side Of His Belt ll Has a Black, Tattered Kama ll
The following information is some hopefully no one finds out about IC, because my character doesn't like the idea of their face being well-known
ll Buzzed Hair ll Clean Shave ll Pale Skin Tone ll Determined Look ll Gray Eyes ll No Signs Of Dark Side Corruption ll Sharp Facial Features ll

Passive RP(Optional): /me would get down on both of his knees, sighing as the door behind them shuts, the small room unable to produce an echo from the sound it creates. /me bends their head forward, reaching for their helmet and taking it off, a click given off as it is freed from the rest of their armor. /me would place both of their hands onto his knees after placing their helmet onto the cold metal floor. They would shut his eyes, taking in a deep breath as they started to manifest any rage-inducing memory to come to mind. /me continues this for some time before they start to pant heavily, his fingers curling and his eyes opening wide as their meditation completes. /me rises from the ground, using the force to pull their helmet to their hand sharply before clicking it back into place with the rest of their armor. They would turn to face the door, it sliding open as they exit feeling stronger than ever.

Combat RP(Optional): /me enters their take on the stance of Juyo, raising their right hand above their head with their lightsaber in a horizontal manner above themself and his left hand extended outward, beckoning their opponent in a taunting manner. They would spread out his feet, creating a strong stance before they raise up their left foot's heel, allowing their form to be stable yet mobile when required. /me swings their lightsaber to the right hip of their opponent, doing a sort of "whip" motion as they attempt to connect their saber with his opponents side, pulling back his taunting hand to have their palm faing the opponent, fingers curled. /me smirks as their maroon blade clashes with the blue blade of his foe. They would manifest their anger before thrusting out his pulled back left hand, exerting a force push directed to his opponent.

Notes: I intend for this character to be more of the bulky warrior type than centered around force abilities, focusing on being an offensive lightsaber powerhouse that does well in any head on lightsaber combat duels.


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Re: Vieeka's Sith Application

Post by Draxil42 on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:00 pm

+1 Good application.

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Re: Vieeka's Sith Application

Post by Captain Snyder on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:01 pm


Please make a character sheet immediately, and speak to me about your whitelist.
Captain Snyder

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Re: Vieeka's Sith Application

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