Vierras Sith Application

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Vierras Sith Application

Post by Vierra on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:42 pm



Steam ID:

Steam Profile:


Time on server:

Doesn't show in top right. Not too long though.

Is this a character application, or transfer:

This is a character application.

If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it):

This is not a transfer.

What items are you requesting?

A Red bladed sith lightsaber, sith robes, & Rank of Sith Apprentice. (or Acolyte)

Roleplay experiences?

I have thousands of hours of G-Mod Serious RP. Examples: Earthfall Networks HL2 RP, GGN Starwars NS RP, ON Mafia RP, Tox Mafia RP, Rizzo Mafia RP, etc.

Why should you have all this?

I think I deserve to have this character because I am an experienced roleplayer. I have thousands of hours on G-Mod Serious RPs including plenty of time as Sith Characters.


Mark Tylex was born on Corellia. Mark’s Father Andrew Tylex was a Alcohol Dealer who was known for making some of the best Corellian Ales in his Sector. Andrew Tylex had made contacts and trade with companies on other planets and was becoming extremely rich fast. One contact he had was a extremely well known Vigos of the Black Sun who wished to buy gallons of Corellian Ale. Mark made a fair deal with the Vigos for 1 million republic credits for 2,000 gallons of Corellian Ale. Mark & His father met with the Vigos on Corellia in a small outlying town. Mark was three at the time, just travelling with his father. The Vigos was being hunted by a Jedi Master named Ri’Tar Katoon and his Padawan Excel Syfer, unknown to Mark’s Father. The Vigos went up to Mark’s Father and told him to hand over the Corellian Ale. Mark’s father had about a dozen guards guarding the Ale down the street. Mark’s father told the Vigos to pay first. The Vigos then took out his gun and shot Mark’s father to death and ordered his men to kill all the Guards guarding the ale. The Jedi Master and his Padawan rushed a group of the Vigos’s men taking them down in a flash. Mark just stood there next to his older sister as the fight began, unable to comprehend what just happened.

The fight began by the Jedi Master charging into a group of twenty Black Sun Warriors taking them down in a flash, his green lightsaber swinging left and right, cutting men down. Then Mark looked to the left and saw the Jedi Padawan fighting a dozen men. His blue blade swinging to the left, to the right, up, and down, deflecting blasterbolts from all over when all the sudden a bolt struck the Padawan in the chest. The Padawan toppled sideways, instantly dead from the sniper bolt. The Vigos ordered his men to kill the Jedi and loot the Ale. At this time the Captain of the Guard and his squad Guarding the ale rushed in to assist the Jedi in killing the Vigos’s men. The Captain ordered his men to cover the Jedi Masters retreat. The Jedi Master then told the Captain to run, saying that he must avenge his Padawans death. The Jedi Master then rushed into the fray cutting men down, left, right, up, down, it didn’t matter as he took dozens of bolts. By the end the Jedi Master was dead, the Vigos then walked up to the Jedi Master’s body laughing, saying “That was not the Jedi Way you fool”. The Vigos realized way too late that the master was still alive, just critically injured. The Master sparked his saber to life stabbing upwards into the Vigos’s chest. The Vigos fell sideways dead. The Vigos’s men then all open fired on the Jedi Master surely killing him this time. At this moment the Lieutenant Under the Vigos ordered his frigates to land and take out any remaining enemies and secure the ale. The Lieutenant realized this was his chance to take over as Vigos of the Black Sun. Three Frigates dropped out of hyperspace over the small town, deploying dozens of troops killing any guards of the Ale and Credits. The New “Vigos” of the Black Sun ordered his men to load the ale onto the ship. At this moment a Republic Warship dropped out of hyperspace in the same location, instantly open firing on the Black Sun frigates. Quickly overpowering the Frigate the Republic Ship then deployed dropships under the Command of Jedi Master Erin Tarsk. They landed and quickly took out any Black Sun troops. The Jedi General then found out of the death of the Jedi Master & Padawan and was presented with Andrew Tylex’s son, Mark Tylex. Feeling his Force Sensitvity he took the boy back to the Jedi Temple bringing him before the Council. The Council accepted him into the order to begin his trials.

When Mark was seven he began to use a lightsaber trainee blade. Training with the lightsaber he quickly started to learn how to use the blade. Being taught by Master Yoda at one point he quickly began to worry the Jedi Grand Master, clearly focusing on the art of combat over peace and serenity. Yoda then quickly changed Mark’s schedule so that Yoda himself was teaching the Young boy instead of other Jedi Masters. Mark continued to learn how to use a saber, perfecting himself in the art of combat.. For his age atleast. When mark was 9 they brought him before the Jedi Council. They voiced their concerns and he told them the reason he joined the Jedi was to become strong enough to destroy the Vigos. The Jedi told him this was not the Jedi way and he told them he did not care. Being partially trained in the force and with a saber he was exiled from the Jedi Order, unarmed.
              He wandered for a long time. When he was twelve, he was in a small town on Dantooine in the Outer Rim. Republic Troops were deployed to attempt to takeover the planet but were easily repelled. Two Jedi showed up and Mark watched the Jedi, his anger fueling him. At that moment a Sith Lord, Darth Krytar came out of hiding. He sparked his red saber, the hum buzzing. He stepped forward to speak to the Jedi as the two Jedi jumped him. He began to fight them, taking on both at a time. After a epic hour long duel Darth Krytar executed the Jedi Padawan. The Master then yelled in anger and rushed the Darth. After a few more slashs the Master was then cut down and killed aswell. Krytar turned to the bow, feeling his senstivity. He offered to train him in the ways of the force, to become a Sith Apprentice. Mark accepted this offer and was taken back to Korriban and underwent his initiation. He got his red lightsaber, practicing with it everyday.

What are your perks/skills?

My character is a mainly force-user. He is going down the path of Sith Sorcerery over Inquisitor or Warrior.
He is rather athletic.
He is full of hate.

What are your faults/flaws?


My character is brash and arrogant.
He overestimates his own ability.
He hates any form of crime syndicate due to his past.
He has a alcohol problem.

What force abilities do you have?
(Im going mainly for a force user character over a saber-user)
Sith Lightning, (Very weak as hes an acolyte)
Force Choke
Force Pull
Force Push
Force Mindtrick
Force Combust

(More as he gets promoted later on)

Character traits:

Physical description:
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Face: Covered in a Mask, Scar down left cheek.
Skin Color: White
Race: Human
BOP: Corellia
Allegiance: Sith
Weight: 155 LBS
Age: 22
Rank: Acolyte
Path: Sorcerery


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Re: Vierras Sith Application

Post by Draxil42 on Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:45 am

I don't believe Jedi Master Yoda was alive prior to KOTOR One. You might consider revising your backstory.

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Re: Vierras Sith Application

Post by Captain Snyder on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:16 pm

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Re: Vierras Sith Application

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