Jason Parker

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Jason Parker

Post by Savage on Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:25 pm

Your Past Present's you. And you shape the future.

-Status sheet-

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark brown

Weight: 168lbs

Height: 5'7

Race: Human

Mental Health:Unstable

Physical Health: Peak


Saber forms mastered: Shii-Cho (1), Soresu(3), Ataru(4),  Niman (6) and Juyo(7)

---Force abilities---
- Pyrokensis
- Force Speed
- Force body
- Force Valor
- Force choke

---Core Abilities---
- Force push
- Force pull
- Force jump
- Force sense

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone
- Felix Kralos A weak minded Sith that the counselor brought into the Jedi. Commanding Jason to train him as his own. The boy was a sith. He submitted to the force and showed his weak mind. He has a lot to prove before he can be seen as something other than a sith to me. I have noticed the slave symbol though. That is the only sympathy I have for the boy. Though I can't show him kindness. Because he must be strong. He must Become strong. He'll learn.

- Consular Autumn Kyral She is my superior but seems to want to become friends with sith members. She invited one into our order. A weak minded boy. Then tasked me with training him. I don't see her way of thought. Though now she is gone. Dead by the hands of a now dead Sith. Eventhough I did not see her way I mourn for her. She will be missed. I served many years under her.

- Gianna Kowoski She has a troubling past. But I took her from the grasp of the sith and am Showing her the way of the force. The correct path. Though I can't be soft. She must learn. She must grow. She must become strong. For her own benefit. She is Quite pure. She reminds me of my old Consular.

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