Lucilia Corvin

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Lucilia Corvin

Post by Captain Snyder on Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:53 pm

Passion, yet serenity.

-Status sheet-

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'10

Race: Human

Mental Health: Good

Physical Health: Good


Autumn is a master of Shii-Cho, and well trained in the Sorseu and Shien forms.

Core Abilities - (Expert) The Core abilities are force push, pull, jump, and sense

Force Speed - (Expert) Force Speed allows a user to speed up their reaction time, and movement. To them, the world is perceived as going slower. For others, the user is considerably faster

Force Healing - (Expert) This ability allows the user to heal themselves, or others.

Force Light - (Trained) Force Light is the ability to create a blinding amount of light at the tips of the users fingers.

Force Tutaminis - (Trained) This ability

Force Stun - (Trained) Stuns a user, causing their senses to deaden, and go into a sleep-like state.

Force Choke - (Trained) Causes the victim to have difficulties breathing, eventually causing suffication.

Force Repulse - (Trained) Pushes anything around the user away.

Force Stealth - (Mastered) The ability to conceal a force signature, letting the user's presence not be detected.

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone
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