Sith Acolyte Application

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Sith Acolyte Application

Post by davidrays on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:31 pm

[b]Username: soulthief5

[b]Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55736798

[b]Steam Profile:

[b]Time on server: a couple hours

[b]Is this a character application, or transfer: Transfer

[b]If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it): He made friends with a jawa and had a drink with him. After sometime passes they go explore the lands where they run into a former slave who escaped her master. She was malnourished and had her tongue cut out. So out of no where comes this bounty hunter and brings her in to his base obviously taking us with him. After helping heal her we discover she was originally a jedi. So later on I get to know the jedi and the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter tells my character about the bounty hunter company history that he leads and that's about it.

[b]What items are you requesting? a red crystal single handed lightsaber

[b]Roleplay experiences? I've roleplayed on plenty of serious rp servers similar to this one, I played all the kotor games aswell as alot of
bethesda games and obsidian games.

[b]Why should you have all this? Because I have role-played so much I know how to correctly role-play so that it was fun for all sides and didn't feel mingey.

[b][Optional]Backstory: David York was raised by his mother on the planet Sayter-ll, never knowing his father he always looked uped to his mother. For 16 years he would study and learn 3 different languages being jawa, wookie and a tad bit of mandalorian. He spent many years helping his mother, goofing around, the usual things teens and kids do. At age 16 his mother would die from an illness. Some time later he would be taken into a settlement south from where he originally lived and he was allowed to live with a farmer as long as he tended the crops. After a year he discovered he has a small connection to the force which he would try to hide. He'd teach himself the basic force powers of Force lift, force push, and force pull. At age 18 he'd be noticed by the sith seeing some potential in him. (Just giving you a heads up if my character does get accepted into the sith he'll some serious sith training) (Also Please don't say it's to late for me to become a sith because of his age because the sith don't really care what age you are they most just care if you are force sensitive and you pledge yourself to their cause, they will take you in- Assuming you survive the harsh trials.)

[b]What are your perks/skills? Easilly gains trust of others, quick on his feet, quick reaction time.

[b]What are your faults/flaws? Big mouth, what he makes up in speed he loses in strength, meaning he's not very strong when it comes to upper body, he's to kind hearted (This is a fault that will change over time)

[b]What force abilities do you have? Force push, force pull, force lift (the basics)

[b]Character traits: charismatic, fears almost nothing.

[b](Optional)Character Description N/A (This can be found out ic, my characters description will change at times depending at what happened that day)

[b]Passive RP(Optional):  /me David York would walk into the room with a Darth in it. He would bow and say  "My lord, you asked for my presence?" (I know it's not long i'm just showing that I know how to passive role-play.)

[b]Notes: I tend to make my character one who relies on sheer speed to get the advantage on his enemy as well as being capable with the force. I apologize if this is very bare minimum this the first time I had to sign up for a class using a forum. Thank you for your time.


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Re: Sith Acolyte Application

Post by Captain Snyder on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:52 pm

You need to fix your formatting. It should be [ b ] question [ / b ]: response

Without the spaces in the code, ofcourse.
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