Toki's Mandalorian Application

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Toki's Mandalorian Application

Post by Toki on Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:27 pm

Username: Toki

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78658257

Steam Profile:

Time on server: A few days.

Is this a character application, or transfer: Application.

If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it):

What items are you requesting? Full Beskar'gam ( Snyder auth'd this through steam for me to apply for. ), a Beskad, and a DE-10.

Roleplay experiences? Like, a fucking lot, bro. I've been doing roleplay for five years now. ( -vG- boys B) )

Why should you have all this? I've been doing Mando roleplay for almost as long as roleplay in general.


What are your perks/skills? Rather durable, due to Clan Blooding and initiations, and knows a decent amount about martial arts, blaster weaponry, and Mandalorian history. Otherwise, he's blessed with common sense.

What are your faults/flaws? Rather headstrong and bound by a code of honor. He's required to hunt down Dar'manda, and anyone who uses Beskar without being a Mando, he's fairly diehard about his beliefs and culture. He refuses to allow Mandalorian reputation be tarnished, and will not allow it to be disrespected. Furthermore, his armor has a few gaps.

Character traits: This can be collected from what I added above.

(Optional)Character Description:

Passive RP(Optional): **Vaddoz Kako took a cloth from the nearby storage pack, setting the long, questionably cleaned thing across the dirt ground, a few feet from the camp fire.

**Vaddoz Kako removed his helmet, setting it aside to allow his bare eyes to set on the towel.

**Vaddoz Kako reached to his left hip, pulling the Beskad from the sheath, the sound of metal sliding against a hollow inside coming from said sheath.

**Vaddoz Kako set the weapon onto the towel, the bladed edge going outwards from him.

**Vaddoz Kako took a more clean cloth from the same storage pack he received the towel, this one having nigh impeccable cleanliness.

**Vaddoz Kako took the handle of the blade in hand, tilting it.

**Vaddoz Kako took his opposite hand, and pressed the cloth against the somewhat grimy side of the blade.

**Vaddoz Kako began to rub at the surface, slowly revealing a cleaner surface, one that almost let off a sheen.

**Vaddoz Kako turned the blade over, repeating the process over the opposite side.

**Vaddoz continued this process until the blade looked damn near new again, bringing it up to face level, pleasantly surprised to see a faint reflection of his face.

**Vaddoz Kako appeared happy with his work. Taking the Beskad, he slid it back into the sheath.

**Vaddoz Kako folded both cloths into a small square, tossing them into the storage back.

**Vaddoz Kako took his boot, kicking dirt into the campfire.

**Vaddoz Kako took his storage bag, throwing it over his back.

**Vaddoz Kako walked away from the recently used camp site, making his way into the desert.

Combat RP(Optional): **Vaddoz Kako approached the foul mouthed man, who happened to be toting around a scrappy and loosely pieced together set of Beskar'gam.

**The man turned towards the Mandalorian, apparently taking a more defensive stance now.

**Vaddoz Kako now returned the defensive stance, now setting his gaze on visor of the apparent Dar'manda.

**Vaddoz Kako threw the first punch, or at least, attempted to. He was shocked to see the Dar'manda sway out of the way

**Dar'manda shithead ducked beneath the punch, taking a step back, then forward to tackle the Mandalorian

**Vaddoz Kako was tackled to the ground, his armor making a thud against the floor. He braced his arms together.

**Dar'manda shithead sat upwards on top of the Mandalorian, binding his fists together to bring them down on the front of the t-visor

**Vaddoz Kako brought his right forearm up to meet with the Dar'mandas, barely capable of keeping back the impact. Whilst the Dar'manda was focused on trying to bash his helmet, Vaddoz began to draw his Beskad.

**Dar'manda shithead gripped the Mandalorians forearm, forcing it down to headbutt the helmet of the man.

**Vaddoz Kako was dazed by this, sloppily taking his Beskad from the sheath, the audible clank of it causing the Dar'manda to release his forearm, now scattering to take hold of the Beskad.

**Vaddoz Kako took advantage of the situation, forcing his weight upwards to reverse the grapple the Dar'manda made.

**Dar'manda shithead fell backwards under the weight of the fully clad Mandalorian, fighting for the grip of the Beskad.

**Vaddoz Kako kept a tight grip on the hilt of the Beskad, he began to guide the tip of the blade towards the gap between the helmet and chestpiece, directly towards the windpipe.

**Dar'manda shithead resisted with his life, bringing his arms upward to lock his elbows under the weight of Vaddoz, now leaving each other in a lock.

**Vaddoz Kako took the moment to keep his dominant right hand on the handle of the blade, using his opposite hand to strike the pit of his opponent's elbow, thereby causing it to unlock.

**Dar'manda shithead had his arm collapse on the attack, and incidentally, ended up allowing the tip of the blade to sail into his throat.

**Vaddoz Kako kept the blade planted in his neck for a few moments longer, then pulled it out. Forcing himself upwards, he stood over his dying opponent.

**Dar'manda shithead eventually died, his arms collapsing into the dirt.

**Vaddoz Kako wiped the blade off on his sleeve, sheathing it. He went to strip the man of his Beskar'gam.

Notes: This app is completely negotiable on certain levels. I'm asking for quite a bit, which prompts a high writing quality and substance. Also,


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Re: Toki's Mandalorian Application

Post by svadas on Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:49 pm

+ Support

He's a v good boyo


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Re: Toki's Mandalorian Application

Post by Captain Snyder on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:39 pm

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Re: Toki's Mandalorian Application

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