Blood Has Woke From Bed and Become Doubly Ascended Super Saiyan

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Blood Has Woke From Bed and Become Doubly Ascended Super Saiyan

Post by TheBloodMaster on Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:39 pm


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:15155616

Steam Profile:

Time on server: 2 days.

Is this a character application, or transfer: Character app

If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it): No, it is a char app

What items are you requesting?Basic durasteel armor (with mask/helmet), a sith warblade (NOT A LIGHTSABER), and a radio/flashlight.

Roleplay experiences?Too many years to count, just look at my gmod screenshots, like Jesus fuck I've been RPing for like 7-8 years now.

Why should you have all this?Because it provides the uttermost basic equipment required for a sith acolyte, and I wish to become a sith acolyte.

[Optional]Backstory: (Since you wanted a backstory, I'll give you  a backstory, grab some popcorn cause it's a fucking doozie, it's got it all, passive, combat, and a backstory for the ages). Klma Hu Alghibbar was Born to a normal middle class human family in an independent outpost on the planet of Gellefon in 3977 BBY. As a child Klma exhibited no obvious force potential, and as far as he was concerned lived a relatively simple life. At the age of 15 shortly after reaching adulthood (In Star Wars adulthood is achieved at 15 years of age)  Klma moved in and his father worked as scholars for a private library. This left Klma with many hours of free time on his hand, as his job was relatively simple, sorting the books into alphabetical order and category. This left Klma with many hours of free time, and as such one of Klma's hobbies was attending the local tournament every year; where contestants would compete in competitions of hand to hand combat and skill with a sword.

When the tournaments were not being held, he would spend time sparring with his father as well as other people around the city, to improve his own strength and skill, and the skill of others. This behavior would remain the same until he reached 18 years of age. Once he reached 18 years of age however his latent force potential began to show in more subtle ways. It was rapidly approaching the 1055th annual tournament, and Klma had been practicing for it all year. The tournament had 100 fighters from across the planet, with three phases. The first phase was 10 exhibition matches (10 man free for alls) in which the last individual to not be knocked out in an exhibition match would skip the second phase, but be forced to fight the other 9 winners in phase 3. Phase 2 was one on one fights, the fights were simple: The first to be knocked out loses, and the losers are thrown out of the competition, the winners move on to phase 3. The final phase is first a free for all against the winners of phase 2, which the winner of the fight will take the third place position. Afterwards, the ten phase 1 winners will all fight in a free for all, where the last one left conscious on the field would be given the first place position (the second to last one left conscious will be given second place position.

Finally there is an optional phase 4, in which the second position may risk his title and challenge the first place winner, which if he loses he is out. Furthermore, the third place winner may risk his title and challenge the second place winner, and then the first place winner respectively. With the instructions and rules of the tournament listed to the spectators, the tournament had begun. Klma was placed in Exhibition match #6, and was given his choice of his fists, a blunted blade, a club, a blunted spear, and a blunted glaive. As always, Klma took the blunted blade, and the rest of the competitors took their picks. Klma and the other fighters sat and waited their turn, but in Klma's mind, worry was beginning to form, as he looked into the arena and saw his rival: Trazar Gale, a fellow swordsman whom had beaten Klma in the third phase two times in a row now; and from what Klma had heard Trazar was stronger, faster, and tougher than ever. Of course without a doubt, Trazar had won the exhibition match, and was one of the competitors slated to enter phase 3. The arena turns would pass, and eventually it was Klma's turn.

As the competitors entered the arena, Klma felt he was going to have a relatively easy fight, most of the competitors being either first or second year contenders, and relatively inexperienced compared to himself, a three year veteran. This quickly proved not to be the case when completely out of left field, all nine of the other fighters turned and surrounded him, quickly overwhelming him with blows and knocking Klma out almost instantly. When Klma came to, he was severely bruised and bloodied however he was tough enough to continue in the competition. It was during the other exhibition matches when Klma's friend and fellow sparring buddy Koral informed Klma that the sudden attack was set up by Trazar in an attempt to knock Klma out from the competition early due to his injuries. Klma was in absolute disbelief at first, until Koral showed Klma a holovideo of Trazar with the 6th exhibition competitors mere hours earlier, informing them of the plan. The reason Koral did not take this to the authorities is because while it is highly frowned upon, it is technically not legal, and would likely put Koral on Trazar's bad side. This revelation threw Klma into a rage, and caused his once slow and purposeful personality to become consumed in a fiery fury. A fighter having to resort to such cowardly tactics put Klma on a petty course for revenge that would surely seal his fate.

Thus, the second phase began, and Klma was ready, tournament rules required that you fight the individual who scored one higher then you in the exhibition match, as such  Klma was fighting a first year 9th place combatant. Klma was eager for the fight, and the moment they were allowed to begin, Klma took one broad step forward, and with a wide powerful swing quickly smashed aside the combatant's weapon, before delivering a successive blow into his temple, fracturing his skull and knocking him out cold. The resulting injury left the combatant mentally and physically crippled for life, however not dead, and since there were no rules against non-fatality strikes, Klma was allowed to continue along the competition, albeit with much negative press. This also caused fellow phase II combatants who were going to face him to begin fearing for their own lives, as they either forfeit the competition, or take a fall. By the time phase 2 had concluded, there were roughly 15 (as opposed to the normal 40-45) or so either brave or stupid enough to oppose Klma. Most of the sorry sods were first year combatants who either automatically won as their opponent gave up or took a fall, the few who did actually win legitimately likely won through sheer luck.

With phase 2 out of the way, phase 3 takes place outdoors on the cold harsh hellscape of the frozen wasteland that is Gellefon. This phase is meant to represent the famous battle for the North Polar in 3992 BBY when both sides were forced to resort to hand to hand or blade combat. However, with a scarce few combatants, what was supposed to become a warzone was now a hunting ground, Klma's hunting ground. Klma strode freely across the frozen wastes completely unharmed, whether this was through sheer physical tenacity, mental rage, or the force not even Klma was sure. What is for certain however was that it was a slaughter; of the 15 combatants, 2 (both of which were from the 6th exhibition) turned up missing never to be found again, and the rest were either physically crippled, or forfeited, only to be beaten senselessly by Klma (technically legal by account of the rules as there is no rule against it) and hung onto the frozen trees by their ankles. After a few days, the third phase had concluded, and expectantly Klma turned up in third place.

So as it was, so shall it be; Klma was ushered to the other winners so that he may see the other winners, and just as he was expecting Trazar was standing high and mighty in first place, wth a fellow 2nd exhibition combatant next to him. This was when his rage reached impalpable levels, and he pointed towards the 2nd place winner, and challenged him to combat. The second place winner accepted, he was a seven year combatant and out of those entries he had won second place 2 times and third place 3 times, so he was fairly confident he could put Klma in his place. Klma and the second place combatant, Gulan arranged themselves in the phase II arena, and without a single word from either combatant nor the audience, the fighting commenced. Gulan threw calculated blow after calculated blow at Klma, however he was able to match every single one with either a well timed drop parry, a dodge, or a strike parry to send him reeling. The spar lasted at least fifteen minutes (which any IRL sword user will tell you is an unreasonably long time for someone to be fighting), Gulan was quickly growing tired, however Klma was fueled by his rage, keeping him sustained even after such a prolonged fight.  Gulan in his exhausted state throws a swing towards Klma, however Klma brings his blade to lock, bringing his right arm around (keep in mind he is left handed) and slams his elbow into Gulan's wrist, shattering it, in spite of this gulan still holds on to his blade. Because of this, Klma swings towards Gulan's fingers with bone shattering might, and breaks Gulan's fingers with multiple compound fractures with an equally satisfying and horrifying crunch, as Gulan drops his blade, and half of his hand with it. Gulan would then bring the pommel of his sword up, slamming it into his temple, pulverizing the prefrontal lobe and rendering him mentally and physically retarded, in the audience the parents of Gulan can be heard crying in despair.

Klma  knows it is his time to bring about his revenge, and he points towards Trazar, calling him into the field without even offering him rest to himself, Trazar leaping at the opportunity, forgoing any sense of honor as both of them swing in a wild flurry of bladework far too fast for the human eye, Trazar being a ten year tournament combatant, and scoring first place in every single tournament. Every blow exemplifying the three year long rivalry these combatants have held towards eachother, each combatant matching blow for blow, Trazar sending a swing towards Klma's temple only to be drop parried, Klma following it up with a blunt swing towards the neck, only to be strike parried aside, the fight and bladework moving practically in slow motion for both combatants as if this was a chess match to decide the fate of their lives. Nobody is entirely sure how long the fight lasted, some say minutes, others say hours. What does matter is that eventually, Trazar actually managed to get a hit off towards Klma's face, shattering his nose and causing him to reel backwards, the force of which would have knocked unconscious and permanently injured any ordinary man, however Klma's rage kept him going beyond any rational human capabilities in both pain threshold and durability, and this drew Klma into his epitome of rage, throwing aside his sword altogether as he would grasp onto Trazar's arms, tearing them completely off of his body and grasping him by his torso, tearing it messily off his body as blood and gore would be strewn all over the place.

Almost immediately afterwards, Klma was declared the winner, however Trazar's father had the police arrested for murder, however he was shortly afterwards let go as it was decided that not only did Trazar blatiently ignore tournament policy, but the ferocity of both combatants fighting could have easily passed into the threshold for self defense territory. Despite this, Klma's father disowned him, and he was shortly afterwards fired from the library. This left Klma a bum on the street for over a year, his skills in combat allowing him to earn work as a mercenary just to make ends meet. The incident in the fighting arena had permanently scarred Klma, causing him to develop borderline sociopathic tendencies and distinct capability in violent situations. A year later when he was 19 and the year is 3958 BBY, the incident on Gellefon had attracted worldwide attention, and was quickly spreading across the sector of the near mythical feats of this fighter. These tales eventually made their way to a sith whom was traveling through the sector. This sith disguised as a robed man offered Klma a place to go where people like him could live to be stronger, keep his anger in check, and best of all work in a cause that would better the galaxy as a whole. Klma was tired on living on the frozen hellplanet, so he accepted his offer, where he would be taken to the world of Korriban. When taken to korriban he was tested and it was found that he held a particularly medium-high connection to the force, and with his aforementioned feat of combat (with holovids galore to prove it), he was allowed inside of the temple with very little resistance.

Inside the temple, Klma was taught how to harness his emotion and anger , as well as control it. He was also given a set of durasteel armor to suit his combative nature, and trained exclusively in form V Shien and Djem So. In between his time of sparring with acolytes and other sith he found time to tap into his force potential as well, learning how to perform most of the basic force functions (which he had some basic familiarity with after the incident in the tournament) . This training took years, now  being 20 years of age (and several months past that). To utilize his training to its fullest he was given a sith warblade, a weapon that were literally dime a dozen in this era. The blade's material is irrelevant as the blade is incredibly dense, yet very light, almost as light as a lightsaber; furthermore it's material was next to indestructible, and the blade perpetually mono-molecularly sharp, using the blood of others or it's wielder to fuel these qualities, without it (or just through years of being inactive) it becomes a regular boring sword again. After his basic training, he and a group of acolytes were shipped off of Korriban for parts unknown to be assigned their own master, and to make room for other students in the temple.  And that is where Klma's fate is unwritten...

What are your perks/skills?Basic training in form V Shien/Djem So, as well as general proficiency with melee weapons and unarmed combat.

What are your faults/flaws?He holds sociopathic tendencies, his slower form and his heavier blade causing him to have a slower swing then individuals with a faster form. Granted this weakness is mitigated with force speed/augmentation against regular foes, exceedingly fast foes can still exploit this.

What force abilities do you have?
-Core powers (Force speed, concealment AKA THE KIND THAT HIDES YOUR FORCE AURA, sight, farseeing, force empathy, telepathy, telekinesis including push/pull, force jump, force augmentation), force rage, and force choke

Character traits:Strong, durable, capable (but not exceptionally strong) in the force.

(Optional)Character Description: Klma Hu Alghibbar is an extremely muscular individual standing at roughly 6'1, he is wearing durasteel armor painted red & gold (and helmet with a full face mask) accompanied by a pair of white robes. On his waist is a rather sleek  claymore sized warblade that is engraved with ancient texts, and of an obsidian black color. When in combat, the blade glows of the color of the blood of its last "consumed" foe.

Passive RP(Optional): I think my backstory has plenty of passive sections

Combat RP(Optional): My backstory has plenty of combat sections


0:00-004: Me normally

0:05-0:13: Me writing my previous pathetic application

0:14-4:29: the effort of writing this new app

4:30 onwards:  The app's final product


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Re: Blood Has Woke From Bed and Become Doubly Ascended Super Saiyan

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It's pretty good, but I doubt anyone will read it.

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Re: Blood Has Woke From Bed and Become Doubly Ascended Super Saiyan

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Re: Blood Has Woke From Bed and Become Doubly Ascended Super Saiyan

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