Gianna Kowoski

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Gianna Kowoski

Post by Merci on Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:40 am

"Life is Full of Surprises.. And devastation."


-Status sheet-

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Dark Blue

Weight: 168 pounds.(Equipment) |NONE|

Height: 5'7"

Race: Sephi

Mental Health: 100%

Physical Health: 100%

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone

Ashlah Kowoski - The only person that understood me.. But lazy.

 Daniel Kowoski - He makes me do all the work on the farm.. I don't mind it, but he's a little harsh.

 Sonata Kowoski - She's 16.. But She's a little TOO lovey around Mason.. But my other brothers knows their sexual relationship.. Is it wrong?

 Mason Kowoski - Strong guy.. Grabby with Sonata.

 Eric Kowoski - The Youngest.. He's 15, and tried to get to my mom.. What's up with this family?

 Lowo Kowoski - Werid name.. Weird guy. He confessed that he was gay and now Dad and him are just so close..

Jason Parker - The man that took me in and is currently Teaching me. He seems cold as well.. but I don't mind it.

Sith Lord - The man that also took me in before I left.. He maybe considered bad to the Jedi, But I still think of him as a being.. I just hope he doesn't hate me for what I've done.

Felix - A man who trains beside me.. But also has a horrible past.. I really wish I could help.

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