Thebiggerboat3's Sith Application

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Thebiggerboat3's Sith Application

Post by thebiggerboat3 on Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:22 pm

Username: Thebiggerboat3

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66878873

Steam Profile:

Time on server: Afew hours.

Is this a character application, or transfer: Character Application.

If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it): N/A

What items are you requesting? Dual bladed lightsaber/saberstaff. Red color crystal. Force sensitivity and basic Jedi teachings, minor Sith teachings.

Roleplay experiences? I started roleplaying in swtor (cringe), followed by HL2RP for about six years. In intervals, I've played about four star wars RP servers. However, many of these never came to fruition.

Why should you have all this? I have a great understanding of Star Wars lore, especially in the Old Republic eras. There is no other universe that I know better than Star Wars. I feel that I could make a great example to others who may want to role play as a Sith, and I personally would find it highly enjoyable. I think my firm respect and understanding for the lore makes me a very adequate candidate. However, I can be malleable.

[Optional]Backstory: Edric Kamar's life began just as any other Jedi. Shortly after being born, he was torn from his mother and father's arms to be trained as a Jedi Knight. His entire youth was managed with discipline and learning from the masters on Dantooine, and for the most part, he endured these teachings well. After passing his Jedi trials, Edric was made a Padawan, assigned to Jedi Master Vendum Lamaar for a source of his learning.

For years, Edric followed his master, confident that his power and learning would flow easily to him. Upon the word reaching him of the Mandalorian Wars, however, his anger swelled within him. There was something he felt pulling him from his master- A call of duty to protect people from harm. Much to Edric's dissatisfaction, however, the Jedi chose to wait and ponder on the threat. This is something that Edric, like many Jedi, could not, would not abide.

Hearing the whispers around the academy, Edric sought out a means of fighting the Mandalorians in secrecy. When hearing of Knight Revan and Alek's plans to leave the academy to help the Republic, he quickly followed suit, despite his master's orders. Upon them leaving, his dark path began.

Following many battles, horrors, defeats and victories of the Mandalorian Wars, bearing witness to the death and destruction that the Mandalorian's wrought, Edric's anger only grew, and his resentment of the Jedi who did not join the war increased with every atrocity he bore witness to. After the Scourge of Malachor, his dedication to the Jedi had completely diminished, and he sought a new teaching to follow that would prevent such horrors from repeating. Upon Revan's Empire being founded, he joined without hesitation, , following the other Jedi to be turned at Traya's Academy, and accepted the new, darker teachings that he had to offer. After much time, Edric would abandon his old name for a new alias, being known as Darren Faminus thereafter.

What are your perks/skills? Being well rounded, Darren knows many things, however his best trait is security, being able to access mainframes with ease.

What are your faults/flaws? Having ranged encounters can prove difficult, being able to overwhelm with just lightsaber alone can also be challenging. As well as this, Darren fails to have piloting experience. He fears his powers being taken away, and that he may never be good enough to leave a significant mark on the galaxy.

What force abilities do you have? In addition to using Form II for majority of the time, I have the basics taught by the Jedi Order such as push/pull/jump. Ontop of this, the learning from the Sith have taught me the force choke skill. This may grow/improve as I rise through the ranks.

Character traits: Sadistic, vengeful, and ambitious. Darren has a great respect and love for those close to him, however, those who cross him may never be forgiven. He despises cowardice, a mark left that never fully healed from the war.

(Optional)Character Description: A masculine figure who stands at average height, he dons a dark robe with various sand particles marking him, coming and going in the wind. His hood covers his dark hair, his face still visible however. His eyes are yellow with dark side corruption, and his face is pale. A saberstaff rests on his belt, clipped on and secured where his left hand rests.

Passive RP(Optional): **Darren Faminus folds his arms, speaking to the Sith officer before him. "How goes the front, Captain?" He says, curiously.

**The officer pridefully replies: "My lord, I am happy to say that the Republic are on the retreat. We've got them on the run and we've mopped up the last of their recon groups."

**Darren responds with a satisfied smile. "Very good. How are your men?"

The Captain crunches up his fist, holding it in front of him with a passionate growl resting upon his Imperial accent. "They are strong and capable, sir. The Republic and their Jedi masters bear no strength hat will match the might of the Sith."

**Darren nods again. "Indeed, Captain. And what of the-" He is then cut off, his face turning from confident neutrality to stern and almost at attention.

** The Captain stares for a moment, then widens his eyes. "I see. I will resume my duties at once." He says, turning and walking past a second figure who enters just as he leaves.

**Darren kneels down, lowering his head. "My lord..." He says respectfully.

** The lord of the Sith looks down at him, staring for a moment before speaking. "I trust you have news regarding our friend...?"

**Darren replies with a confirmation. "Yes, master. I've narrowed down the Jedi's location to a general coordinate proximity."

**The Lord's corrupted lips curl into a smile. "Very good, Darren. You have done well."

**Darren closes his eyes with a relieved smile. "Thank you, Master." He says as he relaxes.

**The Lord looks down at him. "Rise, Darren. I have a gift for you." He holds something behind his back.

**Darren rises quickly, an eager look can be seen in his eyes. "A gift? You are too kind!"

**The Lord holds out a Sith Holocron to Darren. It's glowing external layers are partially masked by the dirt and dust of excavation. It has only recently been discovered.

**Darren bows slightly, holding his hand out. "I am grateful, my lord."

**The Lord sets the holocron in his hand, then putting his hands behind his back. He holds out a finger with great authority. "Be sure to study that well. I want you to remember the knowledge inside that holocron as well as you know how to breath, and if you fail to do so, you will be very sorry."

**Darren nods quickly. "Yes, master! This will be my top priority. I will go to my meditation chambers at once to begin my studies."

The Lord nods in approval. "Very well." He says.

**Darren bows once more, carefully holding the holocron to his chest. He turns thereafter, turning and going inside his chambers, closing the door behind him to begin meditation.

Combat RP(Optional):

**Darren flourishes his saberstaff with great skill, taking a defensive stance, readying his form II technique.

**Republic Trooper foolishly unsheathes his vibrosword, attempting to meet the Sith in melee. He charges forward, attempting to bring the blade down on him.

**Darren raises his saber in defense, attempting to parry the strike meanwhile sending a counter attack with the second blade.

**Darren cuts the soldier down as he passes him, coming face to face with a Jedi Knight wielding a blue saber.

** The Jedi ignites his saber, raising it above his head, prepping his Form I.

**The Jedi swiftly charges forward, however with much more elegance compared to the Republic soldier. He attempts to send a blow to the Sith.

**Darren meets the Jedi in combat, attempting to fend off the volley of saber strikes. He does so, and mid-way attempts to send a kick to the Jedi's gut to knock him back.

**The Jedi is kicked in the gut, stumbling backwards, however holding his defense steadfast.

**Darren narrows his eyes, focusing his hatred on the Jedi. The anger seethes within him, swelling.

**The Jedi's face grows weary. He takes a deep breath to calm himself before sending another volley of strikes. However, mid way, he'd find himself unable to breath. He stumbles past the Sith, cancelling his offense and grabbing his neck. He falls to his knees.

**Darren focuses his anger, growling as he clenches his teeth, focusing with effort. He makes a rising motion with his fist, attempting to lift the Jedi into the air. The Jedi slowly begins to ascend, his feet dangling a few inches from the ground, rotating towards Darren.

**The Jedi, gasping for air, begins to pick up on what's happening. He attempts to send a force push in the Sith's direction.

**Darren is pushed back, grunting as he loses his focus, dropping the Jedi and stumbling backwards.

**The Jedi turns, sprinting away out of desperation. By the time Darren is up, he will be gone.

Notes: I may start at whatever rank you decide to put me as. I hope the items shown off in this application may be carried over (Sith holocron, saber and such).

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Re: Thebiggerboat3's Sith Application

Post by Captain Snyder on Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:41 pm

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