Svadas' Skill and Gear Application

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Svadas' Skill and Gear Application

Post by svadas on Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:50 pm

Username: Svadas

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:77252358

Steam Profile:

Time on server: A day or two.

Is this a character application, or transfer: Application

What items are you requesting? Beskar bracers and/or boots made of Beskar, as to not be OP but still abide by Resol'nare. A blaster pistol and a beskad; perhaps a Mandalorian assault rifle also. While not items, training in Teras Kasi and K'thri

Roleplay experiences? Lots. Several years all over, including WoW, SWTOR, other Star Wars servers, LOTRO, etc. Also SA of Infineon and New Haven SWRP servers.

Why should you have all this? Because to authentically play a Mandalorian tailored to this era, I feel this is the appropriate equipment and knowledge required to do it appropriately. There is always more to get and obtain even after, it simply helps the process of a proper Mandalorian.


What are your perks/skills? Independent, Good Practical Skills, Melee and Ranged Combat.

What are your faults/flaws? Arrogant, Judgemental, Loathes Highly Structured Environments, Represses Feelings, Overloads Self, Reluctant to Change. More on topic to the gear, people much more equipped than the character have previously lost wars and she will be no different.

Character traits: P much answered that in the above two.

(Optional)Character Description:

Passive RP(Optional):
** The Mandalorian approaches the blastdoor, placing her hand up against it.
** She then turns her palm into a fisting, knocking. The door is quite thick after all.
** Placing explosives down at the door, she walks back and around the corner, before setting them off remotely. With the back, smoke pours out. She promotly walks through it.
** She finds herself in the vault, a stockpile of armaments around her. Blaster rifles, explosives, jetpack, armour.
** As she is equipping herself up in updated gear, a voice rings out from behind.
Man: "What do you think you're doing?"
Zhevi: "Whatever it looks like, probably that."
Man: "Looting my armoury!"
Zhevi: "Good guess. Now, I suggest backing down and not getting in my way. You're oddly calm for somebody who ran after an explosion instead of away."
Man: "That's because I'm not alone."
** Upon hearing the clanking of heavy footsteps, Zhevi raises her blaster rifle to the blastdoor - or rather where it would have been. It was time to make a stand.

Combat RP(Optional):
(following on from the passive RP sequence)
** Firing blaster bolts at the man's right leg to cripple him, she ducks behind a counter.
** With the footsteps drawing nearer, she takes a small detonator in her hand once more, arming it before tossing it at the door. She was not going down without a fight, and she had an entire armoury on her side.
** Following the bang, blaster bolts still fire her way. The clouding of the smoke would be used to her advantage also. She rises up with the rifle, emptying the blaster bolts of the pack before dropping it. In turn, she grabs the vibroblade from upon her back.
** A man charges her a vibroblade in his own hands. He aims to strike vertically downwards at her shoulder.
** Zhevi, in retort, raises her vibroblade horizontally to block the attack, throwing her armoured body towards him soon after, closing the gap.
** The man is knocked back, and makes a lunge directly for her chest.
** Zhevi swings her blade into his vibroblade, disarming him. She points it at his neck as further blasterfire comes. She strikes him down, before reaching for her blaster pistol. She was almost out.
** The new wave of blasterfire was much smaller now, perhaps only one weapon. Zhevi's shoulder was shot, though the armour absorbed most of the blast.
** Zhevi rises up once more, taking a look as she fires three shots at his chest.
** The man evades the initial blast, but falls victim to the last two as he falls down.


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Re: Svadas' Skill and Gear Application

Post by Slim on Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:15 pm


Played with him on other servers, he knows what he's doing. Not to mention he isn't asking for a lot.

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Re: Svadas' Skill and Gear Application

Post by Draxil42 on Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:26 pm

+1 Nice application, not asking for anything and everyhing like most people do.

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Re: Svadas' Skill and Gear Application

Post by Captain Snyder on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:36 pm

Captain Snyder

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Re: Svadas' Skill and Gear Application

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